About our project

Europe for VET+ 2

The main goal of the project is to improve the quality of activities in VET sector projects implemented by the partners participating in the
Europe for VET + 2 project. In particular, to improve the quality of work of project teams and project management.


The Compendium will include good practices, recommendations, document templates (like hosting company evaluation tool, tutor evaluation tool), in order to support and evaluate hosting companies. The Compendium will identify problematic areas occurring in different hosting companies and will show how to solve problems related to hosting international VET students, in particular: cultural differences, communication problems, cooperation rules, mentoring tasks, etc. In addition there will be a section related to the requirements which tutors (student supervisors at the companies) have to meet  (including psychological and pedagogical recommendations

Training course for tutors

As one of the results our Partnership will develop also professional training programme for tutors.


During our project we will conduct extensive research. Within it’s scope there will be analysis of needs and expectations of over 20 institutions in Poland, Italy, Spain.

New contacts

Our project provides us with the opportunity to organise 6 international meetings. During those meetings we will have the chance to visit other countries, hosting and sending institutions and establish new contacts.

Improvement of quality in VET

We will work together in our Partnership in order to develop procedures, documents and mechanisms for managing VET projects. We will be able to see how projects in VET sector are conducted in other countries and adjust our own procedures accordingly.

New project development

During the project we will try to better understand needs and expectations of students, hosting and sending organisations. As a result by the end of the project we will be able to prepare a more advanced strategic partnership project.

Our Acheivements thus far

Organisations visited
Good practices gathered
Days of trainings conducted
International meetings compleated
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